The Committee
of 2023-24

Ritvik Jain

Hobbies: Hiking ⛰️, Travelling ✈️, Reading 📖
Motto: "Worry about tomorrow...tomorrow" ⏳
Fun Fact: Jumped out of a plane at 14000ft 🪂

Mariesha Zara Murphy
Wellbeing and Inclusion Ambassador

Hobbies: Reading 📖, Guitar 🎸, Gaming 🎮
Motto: "I don't really have to give one, do I?"
Fun Fact: I built my own PC 🖥️

Harshavardhan Subramanian Manikandan

Hobbies: Reading 📖, Coding 🧑‍💻, Learning 🧠
Motto: "Explore 🔥 and Explode 💣 with knowledge"
Fun Fact: I know that I know nothing about everything 🤔📚❓

Daniel Smith
Publicity Officer

Hobbies: Eat 🍽️, Sleep 😴, Code 💻, Repeat 🔁
Motto: "Reading Bytes, One Bit at a Time 💡"
Fun Fact: I read in ones and zeros 1️⃣0️⃣

Sarthak Nanda
Sports Ambassador

Hobbies: Golf 🏌️, Drinking 🍺, Driving 🚗,
Motto: "All is well that ends well"
Fun Fact: Born and raised in Kenya 🇰🇪, where I still live!

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Percy Gee Building, University of Leicester
University Rd, Leicester LE1 7RH
United Kingdom